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Who Are We Partnering With?


Connect Locally


Sustainable Alamance


Sustainable Alamance is a Christian Community Development organization founded to help identify and develop the underutilized human resource in our community.

Through 2012, Sustainable Alamance has helped place 38 men and women with criminal histories, into full time employment.  This will represent over $500,000 in wages, thousands in taxes and dozens of children receiving child support.  We are seeing lives changed, families restored, men becoming fathers and they have a chance to show the community what a changed life looks like.



Faith Force


Faith Force is a team of world-class athletes who use feats of strength to convey a world-class message.  They share powerful messages of faith and hope and testimonies of God’s faithfulness and power in their lives in local schools, crusades and churches where many respond to make a life-changing decision to follow Christ and experience the power in a life of faith.



Allied Churches


Allied Churches of Alamance County provides emergency services in a safe and healthy environment, while moving individuals toward self-sufficiency.  They seek to provide meals, shelter, resources and support in order to meet social, education, health and other needs by serving the lonely, hungry, and homeless in Alamance County, N.C.




Making a Change in Our World


When you give to Word of Life Family Church, 10% of your giving goes directly to support outreach in our city and world missions.


We believe there is power in working together within our community.  Our strategy for missions is to build and support relationships that inspire change.  We can build relationships by volunteering with our local mission partners.  We find those in our local community who are doing it best at making a difference and rather than reinventing the wheel, we partner with them by donating our time, our volunteers, and our resources to help these become even more successful catalysts of change. We also support relationships worldwide by giving to our global partners.